That the AUSP offers FREE annual medication check ups

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buy canada goose jacket Kimberly Braxton LloydDid You Know.That if you are on the AU Student Insurance Plan your out of pocket costs are lower for most medications at the AU Student Pharmacy.That we can charge your AU Bursar’s canada goose outlet parka account for your pharmacy purchases, including your prescription co pays, over the counter medications, and other medical supplies making it easy and convenient for you to pay your medication bills.That we also accept cash, check, most major credit cards, and FLEX spending cards.That the AU Student Pharmacy carries a canada goose jacket outlet wide assortment of over the counter medications that you might need, including sunscreen, Band Aids, headache medications, pain relievers, allergy meds, etc. You can even rent crutches at the AU Student Pharmacy.That our pharmacists are experts on young college age adult healthcare needs and medications commonly used by students and are available for private consultation.That our pharmacists provide smoking cessation and weight management counseling and support.That the AUSP offers FREE annual medication check ups, drug information, and FREE medication monitoring services for most medications.That an on call pharmacist is available 24/7 for patients and physicians.Transfer Your Prescriptions TodayThe first step is to fill out the New Patient Form. Bring in or FAX (334 844 4969) this form, and a copy of your driver license canada goose outlet winnipeg address and health insurance card to the AU Student Pharmacy, canada goose outlet phone number and we will take it from there.. buy canada goose jacket

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